*Creative Clay Studio*

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About Me

I'm Cecilia & I have settled & rooted here in Christchurch 5 years ago . I have set up a very cozy, active and lively studio which I share with my local community ( particularly cosy when the kiln is on ) 
From the young age of 3 , I've been exploring & experimenting with clay . It was in Caracas , Venezuela whist my mum chatted & sipped delicious coffee with her new friend who was & is a potter , that I was introduced to this expressive medium . I later went on to do a Bachelor of Arts in London @ the Central School of Art . Even though I've been very nomadic most of my life I have always managed to set up some sort of creative space . I have exhibited my work in the UK , Spain , Venezuela and most recently in New Zealand. (Akaroa, Queenstown ,New Plymouth,Waihi, Christchurch ) 
Since the shaky quakes here in ChCh ,I also find myself teaching meditation/relaxation & yoga to my local community and I'm loving it I’m also a full time domestic engineer (home maker) I have 3 kids and in between all my other activities I love to Create... Cecilia♥